The town of Bansko is located in the outskirts of the most beautiful Balkan mountains - the Pirin mountain. It is abundant of crystal-clear lakes and beautiful high peaks. The oldest living tree on the Balkans can also be seen in these mountains.
Bansko is located at a modest 150 km distance from both Sofia and Plovdiv, 100 km from the Rila monastery, and 120 km from Melnik.
Many mineral water springs and spars can be found in this area. The words said so far are hardly enough to describe the beauties which the mountain is hiding. The first encounter with the mountain is a breath-taking, exhilarating experience. Come see for yourselves, and make sure this is the case!

Bansko provides all the facilities necessary for recreational a ctivities throughout the year and practicing of various kinds of tourism - skiing, eco-tourism with many unique tourist routes and destinations, agro-tourism, hunting, fishing, as well as facilities for business conferences, study trips, congresses. All of the above-mentioned, combined with the unforgettable encounters with the local folklore and cuisine will leave deep and long-lasting impressions in your mind.

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